Koufonisia - Koufonisi
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Within approximately 50 metres from the beach and 100 meters from the port...

Hotel apartments in Koufonisia

In Anna Villa you will find studios and apartments, most with wonderful sea view.

See suggested accommodation in Koufonisi.

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Koufonisia travel guide

Unforgettable vacations in the secret paradise of the Aegean!

The Koufonisia islands are two small islets of the small Cyclades of Greece. The upper Koufonisi and lower Koufonisi are hard to locate even on a map, but offer infinite beauty capable of seducing even the most restrained visitor!

Many things could be said to describe them, however in reality they defy description. No words can truly illustrate the magic the visitor experiences from the very first moment they set foot on the Koufonisia islands.

The Aegean seas sun bathes the golden beaches and turquoise waters where the sea has sculpted the rocks into unique shapes and sea caves from whence the names of the islands are derived (Koufonisia - Hollow islands). Neighboring Keros captures the eye and the friendly, hospitable people make you feel as though you were part of one big happy group.

The Koufonisia have fanatic friends, whoever gets a taste of the extraordinary beauty never abandons them. In fact, for many years the recurring vacationers attempted to hide the destination of their vacations.

The years have gone by and the secret has gotten out, many have learned about these islands so you will not be totally alone. Every year new visitors disembark on the islands and new accommodations are being constructed (hotel, apartments, studios, and rooms to rent) are being built to cover their needs. The Koufonisia have just entered the tourist list.

However, every image and indication of the old way is still apparent to be seen, the magic and the positive energy is still there, and it still makes people feel lucky to have discovered this secret paradise on the Cyclades islands.

Best of Koufonisi island

Wonderful shores and turqoise water of unparallel beauty.
Apartments, rooms, hotels and villas in Koufonisi island.
Enjoy surfing, scuba diving and walking in Koufonisi.