Koufonisia - Koufonisi
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Within approximately 50 metres from the beach and 100 meters from the port...

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In Anna Villa you will find studios and apartments, most with wonderful sea view.

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Koufonisia - Kato Koufonisi

Lower Koufonisi or Lower Island

The lower Koufonisi is even smaller that the upper Koufonisi, a total of 4,3km2 and in contrast to upper Koufonisi is virtually uninhabited. It has about 10 houses scattered over the island which act as summer houses and a total of one tavern. The island has no electricity and water is brought in by cargo ship, it is also a protected archaeological site. The only noteworthy structure is the quaint little church of the Virgin Mary built on an ancient site.

As a little sibling to the upper Koufonisia it offers the same natural beauty and equally picturesque beaches. Because it is not developed for tourism it is a prime choice for the adventurous vacationer who prefers alternative vacations with free camping and nudity. A small motor boat has a regular route, daily transporting many tourists to and fro from upper Koufonisi.

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Wonderful shores and turqoise water of unparallel beauty.
Apartments, rooms, hotels and villas in Koufonisi island.
Enjoy surfing, scuba diving and walking in Koufonisi.