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Koufonisia - Pano Koufonisi

Upper Koufonisi

Upper Koufonisi or just Koufonisi is the only island of the group of the Koufonisia islands that is inhabited with a total land area of 3,5km2 and a population of 366. It is the smallest of the small eastern Cycladic islands but also the most populated.

The charming village called Hora, is to be found on the northeastern side of the island along with the harbor and is built upon the prototype of the Cycladic architecture. At Hora one can meander along the narrow streets, visit the church of St. George protector of the island as well as a traditional windmill. This is where the heart of the island beats at night time.

South of the harbor and marina is where the Karnagio is found with the quaint little church of St. Nicholas protector of the seamen while the sea caves to the north of the island richly reward those that dare to explore them.

Till recently, the most basic and in fact only occupation of the inhabitants was fishing resulting in Koufonisi being the absolute picture of a fishing village.

The unique natural beauty and friendly people have speedily propelled its tourist appeal forward to a more modern age without sacrificing its roots totally.

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