Koufonisia - Koufonisi
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Within approximately 50 metres from the beach and 100 meters from the port...

Hotel apartments in Koufonisia

In Anna Villa you will find studios and apartments, most with wonderful sea view.

See suggested accommodation in Koufonisi.

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Koufonisia eating

Dining and restaurants in Ano Koufonisi

Ideal vacations apart from magical, seductive beaches, a comfortable stay and fun, must also have good food! In this department the tiny Koufonisia have much to offer.

In upper Koufonisi you will find tastefully decorated restaurants with delectable foods and even the taverns, pizzerias and the famous souvlaki are all of good quality and reasonably priced and in abundance as they are in the rest of Greece.

It is truly worth it however to try the local traditional fare of fresh fish, lobsters, and crustaceans. The lobster pasta is an unforgettable experience at a price nothing short of a bargain! You can also sample the wild goat from the neighboring island of Keros, local xinomitzithra and other cheese as well as the succulent tomato dumplingsā€¦

The food is accompanied by local Cycladic wine or wine from any part of Greece if you so prefer, beer, ouzo and the traditional rakomelo (distilled alcohol from fruit with honey and cinnamon brought to a boil and great for winter). At lower Koufonisi the Venetsanon taverna offers fresh fish and various other sea delicacies fished by the owners themselves, a large selection of food and beverage for such a tiny and essentially sparsely populated island. It is mainly the friendly hospitable owners and their impromptu parties with their live local music and organs that have made this tavern so popular.

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Wonderful shores and turqoise water of unparallel beauty.
Apartments, rooms, hotels and villas in Koufonisi island.
Enjoy surfing, scuba diving and walking in Koufonisi.